The Time Capsule

An interactive exhibition of your

COVID-19 related archive.


We are looking for your archive that illustrates the city and our life during this pandemic.

How has COVID-19 changed our daily habits, our perception of the world and ourselves? What transformations has the epidemic forced on us and how have we adapted to them? What worried us and what pleased us during this difficult time? What were our dilemmas, doubts, fears and what

gave us hope?

Let the next generation know how we lived during this pandemic. Help collecting data by uploading COVID-19 related issues and events. 


Examples of Corona related archive

What kind of archive are we looking for?


The kind of COVID-19 related archive that we are looking for is broad. It can be a screenshot of a message you have posted on social media, but also e-mails, notes, memes, vlogs, audio- and video-recordings, artworks, poetry, folders, diaries, receipts or blogs. Anything that illustrates how we have lived in this pandemic helps building the Time Capsule!