What happens to your archive?

How the Time Capsule works, how it looks and why it is built


An interactive exhibition of your archive

 The city is growing and the history grows with it. This requires a suitable and dynamic - focused on innovation - facility. 


Upload stations to gain archive

This website is a prototype to research what kinds of archives will be uploaded.

In the future, physical upload stations will be built that will be on the street to reach a larger group of people. The more people that participate, the more interesting the time capsule becomes.


Your archive in an interactive exhibition

With your archive an interactive exhibition can be created in the Time Capsule. The exhibition can be admired on the streets of Amsterdam.


Connect with other citizens

Ever heard "corona connects people", before? The Time Capsule will show you why. 

Discover how other citizens

have experienced this pandemic and you might recognize yourself in their experiences and stories. 


Gain new perspectives

The Time Capsule is the  perfect place to gain new insights, new ideas and new perspectives. Stories, backgrounds and cultures inspire  and enrich each other.


Okay.. But how will this interactive exhibition look like?

The Time Capsule can still come in various shapes and colors. It can be an interactive table, wall, or even a whole interactive room. It all depends on the archive that you and the other participants upload and from there the structure, design and interactions will be researched to find out what fits best with the uploaded archives. 


Numbers of archives the Time Capsule received







Audio recordings